Satans Angel

he Devils Own Mistress"   "Queen of the Fire Tassels"
Have Tassels will Travel

Have Tassels Will Travel

a play by Terry Earp

adapted by Crotwell & Bass

“Have Tassels Will Travel” is a One-Woman Improvisational play about the life and times of a Burlesque Star, who traveled around the world, known as Satan’s Angel "The Devils Own Mistress".  She is the QUEEN and ORIGINATOR of fire tassel twirling.  She has performed this act for over 40 years, lighting her tassels approximately 25,000 times all over the world. Beginning with how she began stripping in 1961 in San Francisco, to a peek at how hers was no ordinary life. From following Bob Hope & the USO in Viet Nam, appearing on the Gypsy Rose Lee television show, dating Clint Eastwood, Bobby Darin, Hedy Lamarr, and Janis Joplin, defying the convention of The Folies Bergéré in Paris, working with Ann Corio, Harold Minsky, Barry Ashton and running with The Rat Pack in Vegas, and TWO near death experiences.

Starring the legend herself and other burlesque talent that portray her at different times during her career – it is an intimate look at Satan's Angel.  The story showcases her performances, struggles with addiction, healing after a major accident, and lighting the world on fire - one tassel at a time.Satan's Angel is a top-notch performer, amazing woman and force to be reckoned with. This is a three-hanky production, but you will also laugh out loud and stand up and cheer throughout.  Her tales of survival are unrivaled and so poignant spoken from Satan's Angel herself.

Every time she makes an appearance at an event, her vibrancy and charisma outshines everyone else in the venue.  The audience will receive a very personal story, as told by the legend herself that includes performances and slides bundled into one unforgettable night.  It is a very engaging play where anyone can relate, and pin the clipping of an extraordinary life to their internal scrapbook to be looked back on, and pull inspiration for many years.

The Star: Satans ANGEL

Photos by RJ Johnson. Have Tassels Will Travel. Cafe du Nord. San Francisco. June 23, 2010.

Former Productions
Older Angel
 Younger Angel
Gyna Rose Jewel  Lolita Haze

 Isis Starr Rose Pistola