Satans Angel

he Devils Own Mistress"   "Queen of the Fire Tassels"
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Satans Angel is a legend of burlesque and the QUEEN and ORIGINATOR of Fire Tassel Twirling.  Born and raised in San Francisco, Satans Angel's career began in North Beach in 1961. Lighting her tassels on fire over 25,000 times all over the world throughout her 40 year career. 

When you think of some of the performers from San Francisco's rich history: Clint Eastwood, Janis Joplin, Steve McQueen, Carol Doda - Satans Angel has known them all personally. She is a pioneer lesbian in the world of burlesque - getting fired from jobs because of her sexuality, she kept on.  Maintaining her integrity as a burlesque artist, keeping the fire of this American art alive, and reigniting the love of this art in thousands and thousands of performers worldwide.
She was ALWAYS one of the top burlesque performers - from yesterday to today. No one can compare to the fire and energy of her presence on stage.

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Quotes from the Media:

"I had seen some recent footage of you and was aware that you had been in the biz for awhile. I'm looking for an outstanding burlesque act that is outside of the mediocre norm you see these days. And I think I've found that in you Satan's Angel!"
Shannon McIntosh Casting Producer
America's Got Talent

"Four tassel's going at once — a pretty  impressive feat! Thanks for sharing that memory and mental image with us Satans  Angel!"
Mark Sedenquist
Living Las Vegas (June 2008)
LLV Publisher

"She’s very committed to teaching us and showing us what it was about,  encouraging us to improve,” says ~Sauci Calla Horra, Producer of  the Toronto Burlesque Festival.
Eric Veillette Toronto Star

The international press campaign for the National Queer Arts Festival 2010: Making History includes:
"The history of SF Burlesque is told via the fire tassels of Satans Angel"
Queer Cultural Center

"It takes a lot of balls to light your tits on fire. Satan’s Angel has done it approximately 25,000 times over the last 40 years."
Silke Tudor
SF Weekly

"If you wait  long enough every act comes around again. Tonight Lady Gaga ended her act at the  Much Music Video Awards with pyrotechnic breasts! However flaming breasts are  not a new trick: to truly appreciate the fine art of Tata's Flambé, check out  Satan's Angel, the Queen of Flaming Tits in the world of Burlesque! Given the  choice we'll take flaming tassels over pyrotechnics."
Carnal Nation

"Dr. Arechega, who calls Ishtar the Original  Stripper, might approve of Angel Walker billed in contemporary burlesque as  Satan’s Angel. Others would call Angel's flaming tassels, spinning in  opposite directions, a sacrilege. Anton LaVey would invite the burlesque artist  to his altar!"
~Fritscher, Jack.
Popular Witchcraft, straight from the  witch's mouth!

"The queen of tassels was most assuredly  "Satan's Angel" a woman who really was named Angel...who could not only  extinguish tassel flames by means of strenuous mammary rotation, she could twirl  FIVE tassel's at once (breasts, buttocks and navel) Her name was Angel   Walker and all aspiring retro burlesque performers should hold her in  awe."
Jim Linderman
Vintage Sleaze Magazine

"PALM SPRINGS,  Calif. – A veteran burlesque legend is proving  that despite one’s age, when you’re hot, you’re hot. Satan’s Angel, the  “Queen of the Fire Tassels,” is a trailblazer who’s been performing smokin’ hot  routines since the 1960s. Not only does she shimmy while wearing booby tassels  but she sets the rotating adornments on fire and extinguishes them on stage.  Angel started incorporating fire into her act after a washed- up stripper told  her she needed a gimmick. Thus, she perfected twirling burning tassels from her  chest, buttocks, and navel!!! A show not to Miss!"
Wireless Flash - FlashNews 2010

"Monday Night Tease! L.A.'s longest running weekly burlesque  show, was an all-star show of burlesque title holders featuring fire tassel  twirling burlesque legend Satan's Angel!!"

Quotes in Blogs and other On line Media:

"The Burlesque Stars are Stars for good reason. They are top level performers with careful foot and body movements. They reveal the female body in a beautiful and artful way. More than that. I for one, love enslaving a man's heart and body. What better mirror of me on stage, than this. It is the dance of seduction, capture and conquest. Few reach that level in Burlesque,  but when you watch a true Burlesque Star, you see why she is a star. And that is Satans Angel..."
Julia May

"If that is all there is to look forward to in  Burlesque then the writer of this angry epistle has lived too long. But I see a  ray of light ahead, just the faintest glimmer of hope. I see Lady Monster,  protégé of the legendary Satan's Angel, and I see what the future of burlesque  could be. I see the grand traditions of the art moving forward and, I see  burlesque as it was, as it should be, surviving to be seen by audiences of the  future as well as being appreciated by the audiences of today.
Satan's Angel has done more than most burlesque  legends to ensure the continuation of the art. Cherished by fans the world over  she has taught the science of burlesque to a new generation. It is the fondest  hope of the writer that the knowledge she has to impart is absorbed by her  students and faithfully applied. The banner of burlesque has been bequeathed to  a new generation of performers. May it never flutter lost."
Mortalia "Queen of the Darkside"~ Legend of  Burlesque

"If personal  magnetism and incandescence could light a room then Angel Walker would  generate enough power to light up all of Australia"  Where has the class, glamor, style, elegance, grace and charm gone in Burlesque?? More than ever I realize just what a treasure you are Angel.  You are one of the last of the true exponents of Burlesque. There will never be  anyone else like you."
L R Thomas

"Any Hell that has Satan's Angel in it is a Special Hell, indeed!"

"It was so glorious meeting you and watching you do your thang! Magic times a million! You rock it hard! Thanks for making this the most memorable fest ever!  XO!!

"And Miss Angel , your performance Friday night was so incredible , on fire, crackling with energy . I will never forget that performance. At one point , you looked at the audience and said "I'm too old", I & everyone around me  yelled back "NO YOU'RE NOT", could you hear us ? I'm never gonna forget that  night. "
Rod North