Satans Angel

he Devils Own Mistress"   "Queen of the Fire Tassels"
The Tease

You have just entered a world few have ever seen.

Enjoy your journey into the life and times of this Diva of Ecdysiasts.



The Big Hair is back!
My mission .... to entertain, cultivate, educate & emancipate minds, with regard to Burlesque!

Unleashing the Spirits of
a bygone era. 
Letting loose the Phantasm of Sparkle & Glitter & spreading the lust for the female form.

BURLESQUE: A place where sexual fantasy & reality meet and sometimes collide!

A world that has allowed me to step back onto the stage and share my love for & knowledge of this Art form through my performances & my classes. Those of us in the business are not sure of who the real mother of the striptease was. Some stand on the fact that shedding clothes is woman's oldest and most seductive act.

The earliest strip was performed by Salome as she danced and removed her veils for King Herod or, Eve, who if you look at it just right, did a reverse strip. In our history there have been many women who have taken the act of disrobing and turned it into a beautiful art form. It's to these ladies that we owe our sincere gratitude and appreciation. Without them, I would not have been allowed to attain the status and acclaim that I have known for many years.

In this world you will see my gallery of vintage photos which you may purchase.
Feel free to browse the following pages of fantasy. As you begin your journey, I hope you will enjoy what you see and hopefully share.

Ready to see my first topless photo?

OK... close your eyes

or open them, if you dare...

Ok.... close your eyes

or open them if you dare




Ok, that one not enough to wet your whistles?

 Let's continue on.         
How about my first off-the-should shot?                                                    

                                                                                                                                              OOH  LA  LA!  


Could this be the beginning of my life of pasties and G-strings?

       Not bad for a kid from San Francisco.


Well let's see what you think about my fashion sense.

This is me at my sweet 16 party.    
I think I've got that elegant look about me.

There is always the picture of my graduation.

Notice the tassel?


Well, this is before I learned where to wear the darn things.

As my career progressed so did the number of my tassels.

They twirled from five points of my anatomy, with and without fire.


"Hello, Ellerwiser & Hyman, how may I direct your call?" This was the bane of my existence upon graduating High School.  I was a PBX operator at this very prestigious company.

Then, that fateful night, after work, out with the girls, we decided to check out the amateur strip contest at one of the Bay areas biggest night clubs.  With fake I.D.'s in hand, dressed to the nines in Mom's hand me down cocktail dress, flaunting our stale pack of cigarettes, we walked down this dark hall to find tables of people who looked like they had just stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine. The women with their B-hive hairdos and evening dresses, the men in their suits and ties. This was my introduction to the world of the Ecdysiast; the point in my life when I decided that my measly $99.00 every 2 weeks was the hardest money I could make, because the girl who won the contest that night won $100.00!

The next amateur night I was up on that stage and WON! 

Kept right on winning until the manager of the club signed me on full time.


How do you like the picture of my first professional appearance?

From this night I set my sights on that Gold Ring that all performers strive for...
to be a HEADLINER .  

The world was at my feet!

I moved in the circles of the stars, drove the most expensive cars, ate the finest foods, and wore some of the most exquisite jewelry and furs.

I was a STAR!

Traveling the world - North and South America, Europe, the Orient and most all points in between, starring in movies, T.V. talk shows, magazine interviews, like "Time", and lest we forget following Bob Hope’s USO Tours for the troops in Vietnam and Guam.

I'm not just another pretty face.  I have a plethora of stories I would love to share. 
I am in the process of compiling them for My Autobiography.  Soon!