Satans Angel

he Devils Own Mistress"   "Queen of the Fire Tassels"

 From The Dressing Room ....


One of my most recent escapades!
What a great time I had playing the female version of J. Howard Marshall.
I will have to say that this was a great day spent with some  fantastic people.

education should be an ongoing process.
Whether you're perfecting and polishing or you want to collaborate and create.

Hey You, Yes YOU! Now is your chance to get a private lesson from Satan's Angel in the comfort of your own home. You can send in a video of your act to the Legend of Burlesque and she will review it.
Get your act & yourself in shape for that next pageant, festival , or competition.

A few things that can be looked at are, the overall act, costuming, originality, presence, choice of music etc. If you want you can ask and add to the list in advance if there is something special you want her to pay attention to. You proceed to making a Skype appointment with her and then talk face to face about your performance for 1 hr.

She has taught hundreds of women all over the world and has a unique career yet to meet it's match.
She is known for her outspokenness but is also a warm and understanding teacher

To get this unique opportunity please email a link to your video with you personal info's to:

Price for the act review is:
1 hr 70 USD 

1 hr 30 minutes 100 USD
1 hr 30 minutes + written summary 140 USD
Paid via PayPal

Note: all materials received will be handled as strictly
 Dusters made by: Fannie Annie & Photo by Roxi D'lite


Interview with the lovely Lada Bonaveri Tvrtkovic & Peaches
about her new song & video; which features 5 of the Legends
of Burlesque.

click the photo to hear the interview


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